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Welcome to Green Machine Smoothie Cafe

Juices & Smoothies for those who enjoy great taste while maximizing their health.

Smoothie & Juice Bar

Health Food Restaurant

Satisfying the juice smoothie craze of millions of people, Green Machine Smoothie Cafe offers health conscious consumers an unlimited variety to sip. Whether it is fat burners or muscle milk, our Green Machine Smoothie Café menu has something for each one of you. We welcome you to come down for having some juicy fun.

Natural Shakes

Fat Burners

Weight Gainers

Muscle Builders

Performance Enhancers

Fresh Juices


  • Fat Burners
  • Orange Rush
  • Orange
  • Burner Protein
  • Berry LIft
  • Strawberry
  • Burner Protein
  • Almond Milk

About Us

Green Machine Smoothie Cafe is Cayman’s #1 smoothie café for people who want great taste and maximum health in one shot. We are located at Kings Sports Centre, World Gym and soon to open Cricket Ground, George Town in the Cayman Islands. We have prepared our Green Machine Café menu keeping in mind detoxifying and weight gaining needs of different people. We guarantee you will fall in love with our healthy drinks.

Our ingredients are completely organic, and we use 100% whole fruits and vegetables. We take immense pleasure in creating super-nutritious and great tasting smoothies and juices for you. A blend of your favourite fruit with just the right quantity of salty and sweet can jolt you from tip to toe, fix any hangover and cleanse your body completely.

We are Cayman’s best health and tastemaker, offering you the opportunity to take a refreshing break from the ordinary.

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